[2022 Official Video] ‘Soongsil RenAIssance’ (English ver.)

Korean ver. Chinese ver. Vietnamese ver.

▼ 청각장애인의 웹 접근성을 위해 마련한 대체텍스트입니다.

Soongsil Renaissance





Soongsil is taking action.

From ‘Korea’s first university’ to ‘A Greater Soongsil for the Future.’


By establishing a new vision based on its proud history and tradition

and becoming a leader in a time of great change and challenge,

Soongsil is building an era of coexistence and prosperity.


Soongsil Renaissance – it starts now.




(Leaders Who Innovate Themselves)


Innovation does not come from outside.


Establishing Korea’s first university in 1906,

establishing Korea’s first artificial intelligence department in 1991, and so on,


Soongsil has innovated and led changes in every era.

Now it produces leaders for this era, nurturing challenging spirits in their hearts.




(Courage That is Not Afraid of Challenges)


Creativity, the willingness to take on challenges without giving up, comes from the courage to learn new things every day.


Soongsil actively supports brilliant ideas and talent,

and produces talented people with creative capabilities who can understand the spirit of the times and present new perspectives,

by continuing the spirit that it had when it voluntarily closed in the past to protest against the Japanese imperialists who tried to force it to worship at a Japanese shrine.




(An Era Where There is No Single Answer)


In today’s advanced society, there is no single answer.


Creative solutions to social difficulties

do not come from a single specialty or discipline.


Soongsil produces talented people with the ability to think convergently to create new technologies and cultures by combining academic diversity through integrated major programs.




(Beyond Innovation, Back to People)


Innovation is an effective way to get to the essence of a problem.


For the essence of life, which is the happy coexistence in me, my surroundings, our community, and mankind,


Soongsil produces talented people for society

who are interested in current social issues and can solve the problems of our times together.




(Tools for Coexistence)


Without exception, things that are truly worthy,

need a lot of hard work and take a very long time to obtain.


Beyond growing and adding to your capabilities, you need the ability to empathize and communicate to share your dreams with society.


Soongsil produces leaders who work together.




(Now a World Leader)


From the highest economic growth rate before and after the pandemic to the K-culture sweeping the world,

the Republic of Korea is becoming one of the world’s leaders today, both in name and reality.


We have no doubt that the young leaders of Soongsil, capable of the acceptance of various cultures and speaking foreign languages, will be the leaders of the future world.





Soongsil seeks the prosperity of technology and culture,

intellectual reflection and solidarity, and

the coexistence of humankind.


Soongsil Renaissance –

It starts now.